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Company Profile
In 1991, a group of young as well as dynamic technocrats viz,  Mr. Sanjeev Tungatkar , Mr. Uday Thite , Mr. Vilas Jadhav and Mr. Satish Kadukar from Pune made their mind to invest in the field of Foundry Chemicals, Aluminium Based Master Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, Aluminum Alloy Products, Copper Based Alloys, Degassing Tablets, etc. and set up Ceral India only serve the requirements of Aluminium Foundries. With limited resources, determination as well as passion, they keep no boundaries and quest for successful & fruitful business.

The Company has created noted entry in the market with multiplying turnover multiplying repeatedly. Ceral India was changed to Ceralfux India Pvt. Ltd in 1995.

With the trust of superior quality products the inquiries of clients started coming from various foundries. The recognition of international market as well as ISO 9001 accreditation has made the year 1998 most eventful ever. Thus, Ceraflux has emerged as  the very first Indian company for designing and manufacturing all foundry chemicals & consumables.

Ceraflux had shifted its base operation to Kolhapur in the year 1999. This Maharashtrian city is known for its foundry business.
Presently, Ceraflux has developed a manufacturing unit at 2100 sq. mt. Out of  7000 sq. mt. That is situated Gokul Shirgaon Industrial Estate of Kolhapur.

The Company has adopted to cutting-edge & ground breaking technologies and utilizes best of the machinery as well as manufacturing facilities to maintain sound production practices.

Ceraflux has entire assortment of good quality foundry chemicals and myraid product portfolio to meet specific requirements of each solo client.

Today, with a wide spread client base, Ceraflux exports its good to exceeding than 14 countries across the world. A growth of 40-45 %  in turnover touching INR 40 crore every year marking the success of  Ceraflux.

Ceraflux is the first company to achieve SE1A rating of CRISIL on the basis of its performance.  

Thus, the best quality is set as our mean not as end at Ceraflux.


Kaizen makes the main center of our management philosophy. We utilize this at all the levels with the main factors like eliminating the waste, applications of 5 S for good housekeeping as well as standardization

Company Vision

To attain international Recognition as a quality conscious Foundry Chemical & Refractory Producer emphasizing on our clients, Empowerment of employees & Constant Progress.

Company Mission

We will strictly follow ethical management of organization. We will never take advantage of our Customers, Employee, Government, Society as well as Mother Nature


We are associated with the following associations:
  • Institute of Indian Foundrymen,
  • M.C.C.IA., Aluminium Association of India
  • National Chemical Laboratory, CHEMEXIL
  • Alucast
Awards and Accreditation
  • Rashtriya Udyog Award on the occasion of National Seminar on "Individual Achievement for Economic & Social Development" on 9th March 2005 at New Delhi.
  • NSIC-CRISIL Rating- SE 1A* â€Â˜Highest Performance Capability & High Financial Strengthâ€Â™
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certification from ISC

Product Range

  • Products for Aluminium Industry
  • Products for Copper Industry
  • Products for Zinc Industry
  • Products for  Ferrous Industry
Products for Aluminium Industries

CERAMIC SHAPES: Range of Higly Insulating Ceramic Shapes for GDC, LPDC, &  D.C Casting for Flow Control and transfer of Molten Aluminium and its Alloys.

CERALOY:  Range of Master Alloys like Al-B , Al -TiB , Al-Sr,  Al-Ti , Al-Cu, Al-Mn , Al-Si, Al-Fe, Al-Ni , al-Cr, Al-Zr, Al- Mg   etc.

MAGREMOVER:  Salt based Powder & Tablets for Removal of Magnesium from Molten Aluminium

D'GASSER:  Range of Salt based Degassing Tablets for Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys

D'GASSER-NT:  Nitrogen based (Hexa Free) Degassing Tablets for Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys

TIBON: Range of Salt based Grain Refining Tablets for Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys

CERAFLUX:  Range of Powder & Fused Granular Fluxes for Melting , Covering, Drossing , Modifying etc   Special Flux  to  effectively remove sodium, lithium and calcium from molten Aluminium &  Al-Mg Alloys

ALLOYING TABLET: Range of Alloying Tablets like Fe , Mn , Cr, Cu etc

CERAMIC FOAM FILTERS: Silicon carbide and Alumina based Ceramic Foam Filters.

DIEDRESS: Range of Oil and Water base Diecoats for GDC , LPDC , PDC and M.S.Tools.

CERAL MASTIC:  Refractory Paste used for Repair of Distrubuting Boxes & Launders and other Ceramic Refractories.

CERACOTE: Coating for Launders &  Hot Top Rings

MOLDLUBE: Lubricant for  D.C Casting &  Extrusion Press


CRAFTCOTE: Range of waterbased refractory coating Zircon / Graphite / Alumina , Mix Refractory combination for desired Results

CRAFTANOL: Range of  spirit based refractory coating Zircon / Graphite / Alumina , Mix Refractory combination for desired Results

ANTI VEINING COMPOUND: Powder Additive to avoid scabbing im core & mould.


CERAFLUX-49 / 49 M:  Oxidising Flux

CERAPACK:  Deoxidising tubes

DEGAS-100 / 200:  Degassing Tablets